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Jan 5, 2013 7:00am EST
president obama signed the law. >> great question. the day i heard the verdict my husband and i started a singing group that the church. when i got the call, we thought we would go have lunch and golan our merry way. the media started calling and lawyers said you don't have to respond but i didn't have anything to be embarrassed so if they call us come on in and we opened the door and they came in, video and reported and hank williams that night with a hook up, did questions and the next day cnn came and it was one media radio norman lear called that night and said i will send -- do you know how i am? yes, you made the jeffersons and all in the family. that is what i remember. we videoed all day. it is still running, some of the money youtube. you can't believe what you see on tv because they read around your house, take your phones and the dining room table and coffee table and a cake and i say i don't think so, i logged $3.8 million and you want me to make a cake? he said you got a coffeemaker. my husband is retired military. he is the big coffee person. they had to pour it out and ma
Jan 5, 2013 6:00am EST
doherty. looking at 2012, which presidential come if it's romney for obama, which victory would be better for the small incubating ron paul movement or would there be any difference at all? >> i had to think about this morning talking to reporters so i have a fresh answer. yesterday i didn't have an answer. for reasons i cannot articulate, i'm pretty convinced obama will win reelection and i cannot defend that, they just set it on the record. you can get back to me about it. since the republican party as a vehicle through which this action is happening now, it's probably better if romney wins and is as bad as libertarians expect them to be, which allows for a convinced game primary challenger to really make real to the party but there's two things fighting for supremacy, like in 1860 was the rockefeller wing versus the goldwater rain. not to place any particular weight on any particular paul, but it strikes me that in my grand historical vision of puppet mastering, type may be romney when ensuring republican party they can't do it any more people like romney might be great. >> sounds at a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2